One of these Moon Knights is a man called Spector who claims to have left the order and denounced Khonshu. I Love You All... Myra Campos Sep 16 2012 8:21 am This drama is indeed a great fresh air to the world of kdramas. As an American Man, I've got to compliment all the actors, directors and everyone else that partook in making this TV series. I'm glad I gave this drama a chance, if you like historicial dramas this one is definetely recommended! Utterly wonderful drama. no comments about how great prince yangmyung's role is? Meanwhile, the Prime Minister Yoon Dae Hyung starts to feel that Wol looks very much like the late Chief Scholar's daughter, Yeon Woo too. Series director. i watched this Korean drama and I just am so engrossed in the drama with each episode. mariusz5692 Apr 18 2013 9:24 am Profoundly irritating moments, such as a wide array of characters crying for 40 minutes straight. He portrayed his Role very well. AMAZING. The Cruel Twist Ending is basically the Evil Counterpart of the Karmic Twist Ending: in the latter, the twist is a form of divine justice, a bad thing happening to stop a bad person from getting away with it (or a good thing happening to someone who deserves it). Love the theme song Back In Time... some1 Mar 31 2012 1:28 am im so inlove touched by this drama,i used to cry for their love to each other really a very very beautiful story amazing cast amazing acting kim soo hyun i love you and jung ii woo i love you too...i love them all everything is great really anticipating i cant wait for the next episodes.... azurymint Jan 27 2012 6:11 am Kim soo hyun and Lee hwon is very handsome ... Yugenthini Apr 16 2016 3:55 pm In addition, he has utilized the Angelwing which was a smaller one-man aircraft but his more recent models have as a one-man crescent moon-shaped hangglider-like conveyance that he can remote control and has built-in turbines for long distance travel. Thank you. 99 January 4, 2012January 24, 2016. The both , young and adult actors were so awesome,except Han Ga-In.Also., i liked the most how the adult Hwon and Woon resembled the young ones.great job!Congratulations! though i do not know the ending yet.. So, in order to lure Spider-Man out of his daily routine, he drives a bus through the school's wall. I fell in love with all the actors and my heart went out to anyone that might have ancestry that lived in this time and know of their lineage and ancestry. graceinne Sep 05 2012 9:27 am Moon Knight has often concealed a crescent dart in his hand and in the past has used them for close quarters combat; as his calling card; and during certain parts of his career--even using them as makeshift gruesome carving tools into his victims. thank you. The Sentry appeared before Moon Knight and reminded him that he can never run from his past and that he will be tested for to prove himself as a hero, to which he replied that he will also be tested as well. Panda Apr 30 2014 3:25 pm Bravo. When Moon Knight and Echo target his bases of operations, Nefaria retaliates and kills Echo before demanding that Marc serve him. Shaman Court Lady Nok-Young sees Prince Yangmyung. The sword fighting scenes are impressive. He's too good. Action Girl: Every single one of the Guardians kick lots of ass, whether it be monsters, minibosses, or the prime evils themselves.Fitting for a series about female empowerment. I commend. Jane Nov 16 2013 1:12 am Im wondering how lovely if the king's bodyguard is lee min ho like woodalchi chae young aaaakkkkkk.. my biggest reason to watch this drama was because of Yeo Jin-Ku who played Lee Hwon, i've been his fan ever since giant and trust me he always impressed me with an outstanding performance, he's already a good actor. Later, Ari is arrested and interrogated by torture. Judy Lim Nov 02 2015 8:36 am So, Sun King submits, Bushman and the Truth abandon his quest, and Moon Knight becomes guardian to the disenfranchised Sun King had already given shelter too. Although Moon Knight was able to overcome Zohar; the mental trauma combined with the act of juggling his different personas put a serious strain on Spector's mental health and he suffered a nervous breakdown and was deemed to be suffering from Multiple Personality Disoder (MPD) or as it later became renamed; Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). You really embraced your viewers emotions and interest.The writer's intentions to see the political dinasty and corruption that leads to the fate of king's and female shaman pre-destined love was really exceptional. When collateral damage begins to mount, Moon Knight takes control of the fight and corners Shadow Knight on a dock, but he is prepared to commit suicide and kill them all with dynamite. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Moon Embracing the Sun at From now on they are my number 1 Korean loveteam.. ..  :) more power <3. Jake persuades him that he is being played for a fool by the Profile (working for Daredevil) but he will not have it all. In the middle of the chaos, Khonshu is still persuading Moon Knight to kill for him, but to no avail. Sylvia Casarez Aug 08 2017 12:11 am Kim So Hyun's acting skills are superb. Just done watching this drama..two nights only..friday 11pm-5:45am, 8pm-8am straight. Bella Oct 29 2013 8:20 am However the team broke apart and went their separate ways including the Crescent Crusader. I really love this drama ! The series will be part of the, Moon Knight has a table in the Virtue and Vengeance pack for. It really baits you at the start, you think this is going to have some complexity, some scale. Fist of Khonshu O.O Dec 08 2011 11:00 am I really felt for her because in her perspective it must be really hard to want love but never attain it. christina Feb 24 2015 10:17 am The rock is on loan from NASA and a symbol of support for … love it... they really made us excited as what is to come. 07:17PM Huston stayed as writer on the title until issue #14 when Mike Benson took over and Huston transitioned to plot. the cute So hyun and the beautiful ga in . Taskmaster I LIKE THE KIDS ACTORS AND THE MAIN ACTORRRRSSS!!! It's hard to believe that they are the "grown-up versions" of those young kids. He later worked in Roxxon Industries under the name of Paladin until Roxxon fell apart, and later adopted the guise of Moon Knight. It is touchable and great drama ever. In this reality, Moon Knight is one of many heroes that defended Earth from Galactus. I must mention Kim Young-Ae, Jang Young-Nam, Jeon Mi-Sun & Jung II-Woo... Korea has many very good actors...they act well even when they play a small part...its very professional...really..All of you made me cry so much and my heart ached like mad, I need time to recover. I'm already anticipating this! SARANGHEYOOOOOO.....^^. i can't wait for this drama. one of my favorite Korean TV show., Love them all, Can you have a part 2? Lee Sung Joon. Rima Jul 22 2017 10:38 am Kim Soo Hyun's acting skill is second to none, especially all crying scenes. This drama is the best and equally good drama with Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Melai Liberato Dec 19 2017 11:40 pm Someone who should not come close to the sun, but should be near the sun. Sissy Dec 27 2013 3:48 am Taskmaster tortured Marc but he was aided by Marlene and defended by his butler, Samuels. Too bad they chose her for this part ..