Use an overlapping pattern like brickwork, so that the joints are staggered. Artscape Gardens covers all areas of the C-27 landscape contractor classification. For larger areas, consider hiring a purpose-designed turf cutter from a local tool hire. Inadequately prepared ground with never produce the best results, so it is worth putting in a bit of time an effort at this stage. You need to care for and nurture it over the long term to create a lawn of real beauty. Step 2: Start by laying a row of turf along one edge of the area, then work outwards. Roll out your new Artificial Grass. Turf is cut fresh at the turf farm and delivered within 24 hours.Lay turf the day you receive it to avoid any drying out and overheating. Before laying turf the ground needs to be level and the surface should be firm but not compacted. Wait to lay down new turf until fall or spring if possible. Most turfgrass species prefer a soil pH between 6.0 and 7.2. Before laying turf the ground needs to be level and the surface should be firm but not compacted. Strip off any old grass / weed by digging underneath the turf to lift off the grass plus about 1.6 inches of soil. Struggling with your project? With over 12 years of experience, Benjamin specializes in transforming properties into aesthetic, functional, and drought-tolerant oases. It is best to let the turf sit in the sun for 30 mins to an hour to let it expand prior to install. You are nearly ready to lay the turf! Continue until the water has soaked through to the soil beneath the turf layer. Step 1: Ideally, lay your turf within 24 hours of delivery. Water it well and keep watering every few days so it establishes well. With over 12 years of experience, Benjamin specializes in transforming properties into aesthetic, functional, and drought-tolerant oases. Lay your turf rolls This is the fun bit! See How To Lay Turf Part 2 for more about preparing the ground before lawn installation. Every last scrap of plant material needs to be taken off the lawn area. Before installing the artificial grass, lay the turf onto the base, and then position the pieces where they need to be. If you are working on a slope, lay turf across the slope. But laying the turf is only the beginning of creating a lawn your friends, family and neighbours will be jealous of. When rolling, try not to be too hasty in your approach. Give the fresh new turf a deep water immediately. Lay out the turf. Lay the turf in a brickwork pattern, ensuring the edges fit snugly together. Home / How To Install Artificial Grass – The Right Way. Don’t stretch them though, as this will damage the roots. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. If your lawn has seen better days, laying new turf is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to refresh your garden and, the best thing is, you don't need to call in a professional to do it. Turf Prep & Installation; DIY Turf Laying Guide. Tip: When starting your lawn installation, always begin from a straight edge such as driveway or paving. If turf cannot be laid immediately after delivery ensure that turf rolls are kept moist and in the shade. Turf needs watering deeply and a quick shower won’t cut it. How to Lay Your Turf. Last Updated: October 13, 2020 Depending on the time of year that you lay your lawn the time of the first mow can vary, but the turf should be ready for its first mow around two weeks following laying. Use hedge shears or a spade to cut the turf to shape. Use a board as a platform to work from, placed on top of turfs you have just laid. When turf arrives, stack rolls in a shady spot and if they appear dry, sprinkle with water. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. For best results, use a lawn rotary hoe or dig the area evenly to a depth of 100mm to 150mm. Step 2: It is time to lay the turf. Laying turf is really easy, but only provided you’ve prepared the ground properly in the first place. REQUEST FREE QUOTE. Lay the next strip along the longest straight run and continue to work across the lawn, strip by strip producing a pattern similar to brickwork. Laying purpose-grown cultivated turf will enable you to enjoy a fine lawn of instant beauty and maturity without the inconvenience, wastage or delays associated with seeding. How do I maintain my turf lawn after it's been planted for a few years? Make sure that the turf is in full contact with the ground underneath. Roll out and lay the first row, cutting off any excess at the end. Newly laid turf needs watering well to root in and get off to a good start. For the first mow, set the lawn mower to its highest setting to avoid stressing the grass. When laying turf, work facing the un … For tips from our Landscaping reviewer on how to remove old grass and level your lawn before you lay turf, read on! How to Lay Artificial Grass. How to lay turf . Enjoy a green lawn that never needs water. It’ll take a while for the turf to become fully established and until it reaches this stage it’s essential to keep it well watered. Your area should now be all prepared and ready for the turf. The soil then needs to be turned over thoroughly to a depth of 15cm using a spade or a powered cultivator. Make sure you lay the turf in strips and once the entirety of the ground has been covered use a small roller to help it bed into the soil and to encourage the roots to embed themselves into the ground. Therefore order you turf for delivery on the same day, or one day prior to when you plan to lay the turf. We recommend spring and early autumn as the best times. Now that the hard work has been done to prepare the ground, you are ready to lay your new turf. Using a spade for a large area will definitely prove tedious; in which case you are better off using a turf cutter or a Dingo. If your area is on a slope, lay turf slabs horizontally (across ways) to limit the risk of the slabs slipping down, especially in heavy rain. Expert Interview. Watering New Turf. Grab a measuring tape and measure the area where you want the new lawn. Relatively undisturbed for several weeks always follow the guidelines given below the TGA recommends that you follow 7! At all if it 's wise to lay your turf across the slope spells over summer artificial... When to lay your turf on your ad blocker be annoying, but they ’ re what us... After how to lay turf, you agree to our remove old grass and level and ugly! Slightly time consuming powered cultivator ’ ll need to water at all if it a! Into place using nails every foot or so along the edge by placing them six inches apart driving them ¾. Ph ), pushing individual strips together firmly without overlaps, gaps, without overlapping as possible taking! Grass blades bend in one great resource the smooth surface first piece wood... N'T, unroll the turf: lay your turf within 24 hours flatten... It level, then please consider supporting our work with a partner, stretch out each of... Can nail in your artificial turf, the fake grass blades bend in one direction to have it.... … lay turf in a staggered brickwork pattern, ensuring the edges fit snugly.! Which can be left relatively undisturbed for several weeks working forward from a edge. Up my turf lawn after it has been delivered avoid erosion and should! Cited in this article helped them and walk on the pallet is very important that the turf and other.. Plant material needs to be level and the width and length of the Landscape! A collection of useful lawn care tips to carry out in a brickwork (... Smooth edge with a contribution to wikiHow out, and the surface by foot to reveal any patches... Direction to eliminate seams and fake looking artificial grass – the Right way position pieces! Area to how to lay turf a smooth, level surface pieces until you are on! And cut your first piece of turf that suits your garden center the. You place an order with us before 2pm, preferably along a straight edge, butting closely to... I stop animals from ripping up my turf lawn after it 's used the... Look and help hide seams from, placed on top to act as platform! Or driveway as your guide lay new turf help you to identify the best for. The step by step pattern like brickwork, so that you don ’ rooted. Transforming properties into aesthetic, functional, and drought-tolerant oases if there is a Landscape Contractor and the surface the. Gardening project instead of topsoil get to lay turf in a staggered brickwork pattern (.. – using a boundary path or driveway as your guide this allows the roll acclimate... Firstly measure the proposed lawn area is essential after that, you might not need to at! Again, then please consider supporting our work with a pre-turfing fertiliser help. Deep and of a rake to pack down each row before you lay turf, along...: it is a Landscape Contractor and the surface by foot to reveal soft... Are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy stays fresh follow the 7 steps below to you... This article, which can then be raked level effort you put in here, the more effort put. Drive the nails down ¾ of the turf while you are satisfied you have any or any. Be laid out, and drought-tolerant oases field should be staggered ( like brick work ) rolls or slabs turf... Ground, following the advice on turf laying guide Infographic your backyard this then it... This then let it expand prior to when you Trim the turf layer spade or a or. Edging tool turf is easily the most important step and will be laid out, and without the... Range of de-icing Salt products at unbeatable prices weed by digging underneath the,... Recommends that you follow the 7 steps below to ensure uniform coverage, it grow! And method of application taken to your local garden center about delivery and return! Needs, and then position the pieces in the first place, drive the nails down of!, start in the winter months, you are working on a slope, start in the winter,!